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Memories from Meganisi and a cruise on the islands of the Ionian Sea.

Wonderful memories from a little paradise. Meganisi Island.

My family and I went there in the summer of 2020, combining a little vacation and work, because we have tourist facilities there that we manage.
I personally fell in love with this island. Deep blue of the Ionian Sea combined with the green landscapes of the island. A small number of vacationers because the island is very small. Silence, nature, views and beautiful beaches are all here as if created for a complete vacation to relax body and soul.

My wife and daughter, despite the coronavirus, asked to draw a cruise to neighboring islands. Lefkada, Kefalonia, Ithaca (the island of the famous Odysseus) and of course Scorpio is the island of Aristotle Onassis.
To tell the truth I do not like round-the-clock cruises very much. All day on the ship and still with a small child and during the crown of the virus I thought it would be a tiring walk. But not at all. The cruise was an extremely pleasant surprise. Landscapes changed one after another. The green mountain landscapes of the islands, the completely white beaches of the Ionian coast and the color of the sea which changed constantly from deep blue to turquoise and bright blue just fascinated me. The first stop was the beach on the island of Lefkada Egremni, we swam and sunbathed on the beach. The most interesting thing is that the ship Makedonas Palas moored literally to the beach and we went ashore on a ladder. It is simply impossible to describe the color of the water on the beach, I have never seen such a thing. The next stop on our cruise was the small but very famous private yacht port of Fiskardo on the island of Kefalonia. Extremely beautiful and graphic town with a large natural port. It is known to all VIP tourists who rest on their own yachts from around the world. We drank coffee in a cozy cafe and Christia my daughter fed fish on the pier. It was wonderful . Then swim again, this time the island of the glorious Odysseus Ithaca. This water was already another deep blue and we jumped from the ladder and from the bridges of the ship to swim, an unforgettable experience. And the shore of the beach were snow-white stones the size of a large bean. Walking on them was a pleasure. I took two pebbles for good luck. Oh! After swimming in Ithaca, we were hungry. The lovely kebabs that the sailors fried right on the deck of the ship were what was needed at such a moment. And in the afternoon we visited a sea cave on the island of Meganisi where Greek submarines hid during World War II. Also unforgettable impressions. And the last stop of our walk was the island of the Glorious Aristotle Onassis Scorpio where we also swam in the turquoise waters of this wonderful island. Our cruise passed in an instant. I did not have time to be bored or tired. It was wonderful !!!
Confirmation also came from our little daughter Christie, who really wanted us to go again after the cruise.
Today, in difficult times of quarantine, our memories return there to these wonderful places and give us strength and courage and fill our hearts with hope that everything will be fine and we and many other people in the world will go and see these wonderful places. I only remember the words of my daughter who told me when we returned home. Dad, when are we going to OUR ISLAND again?
Panagiotis Chaviarakis